2013-04-19 18:30:19 by Xander120

Thinking about working on a DC and Marvel based Comic Book Artwork Collection...
It seems to be a hype at the moment, so I think it's worth a shot... any of you regularly checking out my page and artwork will notice that I've already uploaded Green Lantern and Deadpool pieces, so let me know what you think!!
I'm always looking to improve so ANY constructive criticism is welcomed :)


2013-04-18 07:24:55 by Xander120

Well, I finished the Wolf Portrait, just wish I had some more followers to comment on it :P
I've tried my hand at digital painting on Photoshop and I think I'm starting to like it, so you might see some of that style coming your way.... whoever... You, are O.o

Wolf Sketch

2013-04-11 19:09:36 by Xander120

Been working on a Wolf sketch based off a National Geographic image for the past few days...
It's close to completion now so I think I'll retouch it on Photoshop, see if I can get rid of the lines (as I foolishly drew it on lined paper -.-) and then I'll upload it :)
Hope you guys are liking what I'm putting up :)

Busy, Busy

2013-04-10 17:12:04 by Xander120

Hey guys and gals,

I'm dying to share my work with all of you folks on NG, but unfortunately, I'm a bit stuck with school work at the moment :/
Hopefully, in a few weeks, my plate will have cleared up a bit and I'll be able to upload some more art and sketches and get to the real good stuff XD
Summer Hols are coming up soon anyways, so I'm sure I'll be in the Arty mood then XD
Hope to hear some feedback from you all :)


Hi Newgrounds!!

2013-04-08 17:16:09 by Xander120

Hi Newgrounds!!
So, this is my first post on Newgrounds as I have JUST CREATED AN ACCOUNT!!
I'm fairly new to the whole 'sharing of creative work' stuff so I'm just gonna jump right in and start adding and sharing and hopefully get noticed by someone or something or other XD
Peace out,